What to Expect


For Sports Massage and Deep Tissue 

These two types of treatments are focused more on therapy rather than relaxation. Your first session includes a consultation with an assessment. After gathering information about your health and medical history, I assess what treatment plan may be best for you.

Initial assessment involves observation of posture, movement patterns, passive and active muscle testing. Allow at least an hour for the first session, which includes a consultation with assessment, treatment, and treatment plan which provides you with suggested exercises, stretches, and any follow up sessions if necessary. 


For All Services Except Sports Massage and Deep Tissue

Most of the sessions (with the exceptions of sports massage and deep tissue massage) combine relaxation and therapy, but the focus is a bit more on relaxation. Your first session includes completing a Health Profile so I can be informed of your health and medical history. 



  • If you are receiving a massage for the first time, you will need to complete a medical health profile.

  • Your massage will be given in a room with a relaxing atmosphere with soothing music.

  • You will privately robe and disrobe in the room except for your briefs/underpants.

  • During the massage, draping will be used at all times to protect your privacy. If you are uncomfortable removing your clothes, I will work within your comfort zone. After all, what is important is that you are able to relax and enjoy your massage.

  • It is advised that you remove jewellery, glasses and contact lenses, if applicable.

  • How you breathe during a massage therapy treatment is important. Breathe naturally, taking occasional deep breaths.

  • This is a professional and therapeutic massage therapy service. Requests of an inappropriate nature will result in immediate cessation of your treatment and refusal of future services.


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